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Celebrating 21 Years of the finest American Indian and Southwestern Art and Jewelry


“Considering the spectacular new direction in jewelry created by American Indian artists, I remember how Lovena described them as the American equivalent of Faberge. I also recall a quote by Pual Smith of new York’s American Craft Museum who said ” They ( the jewelers) have attended a whole new aesthetic level, keeping the vital connection with the past, yet transcending it. I believe these artists have given to jewelry what jazz gave to music –  a uniquely American contribution. They create beautiful works of art that can be worn, and by doing so, have earned international recognition”



Faust Gallery is one of the leading galleries today that focuses on the highest quality American Indian Art and Jewelry. Faust Gallery represents the finest examples of American Indian Art showcasing exceptional contemporary American Indian jewelry by the top artists working today. Beginning in the 1960’s a handful of jewelers transformed what is known as “traditional jewelry” to their finest works of contemporary “wearable art” adored by collectors worldwide. Faust Gallery is excited to share with you 35 year in experience and celebrating 21 years in business! (Learn More)








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