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    Naha, Rainy – Parrot Jar


    This miniature Parrot Jar by Rainy Naha is a beautiful example of an asymmetrical shape. Lending a beautiful flow to the wings of the birds. 

    Size – 3 1/4  x 2 1/2 

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    Peshlakai, Natasha – Sterling Silver Earrings


    Natasha Peshlakai sterling silver earrings with rabbit design 


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    Supplee, Don – 14k Gold Ring

    $3,800.00 $2,600.00

    Don Supple 14k gold ring with Turquoise, Sugilite, and Opals.

    Ring Size: 7 1/4

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    $795.00 $650.00

    Navajo artist Tommy Jackson created this sterling silver belt buckle with micro mosaic inlay. The buckle is 2″ and 3/8 wide. It will fit a 1″ 1/4 belt.

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  • Willie, Wes – Sterling Silver Inlay Bracelet

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  • Supplee, Don – Sterling Silver Turquoise Earrings


    Sterling silver Turquoise Earrings with Hopi Design

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  • Sanchez, Russell – Scrifitto Jar with Bear Lid


    W 10 X H 9 1/2

    Today Russel has continued to be one of the Pueblo pottery innovators by building each coil to perfection. Russell uses a stone polish and scrifitto technique. This particular jars design is Red-Mica and then scrifitto etched to achieve the contrast between the polish and texture. The polished clay brings out the design of the Avanyu Water Serpent. The water Serpent is a Tewa deity, which is the guardian of water with curves suggestive of flowing water or the zig-zag of lightning. The eye of the water Serpent is a high-grade turquoise. The top of the jar lid which is a Bear design is the polished clay with mica. The bottom this jar is signed in clay.


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  • Ben, Zack – Sand Painting

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