A Singular Love: Diary of a Marriage


When Bill Faust saw the “girl in the red coat” in his college history class, little did he realize that 20 months later it would lead to a marriage that would create three children, last 44 years, and take them from Phoenix to Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City. The foundation of their story rests on the cards, notes, and letters they exchanged. It is the story of shared values, the joy of laughing together, and doing what it takes to keep love alive and a marriage last. It will make you laugh, make you cry and, as Bill illustrated in a short poem that was written after Pat died, to appreciate the daily opportunity that life brings to each of us. The poem is titled Today: I died a little bit today, One cell gone from here or there, One less tomorrow left to share, Today, was it worth dying for, Today?

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