Butterfly Dream

This particular painting was conceived and conjured up under direct influences of vivid

memories and persistent dreams. Revealing a tapestry of myth manifesting in symbolic and

metaphoric images of my energetic youth residing within my modern frame of reference. Each

visual element crescendoing into a calypso of excitement felt by a young youth experiencing all

the modern pleasures of an American living in the 90’s and fusing of summer Hopi social butterfly


The representational yet abstract nature is a result of the marginalizing effects of occurring in

two worlds with opposing worldviews. In this way demonstrating the resilience of our

grandparents to maintain ancient rituals as the people evolve. For instance, the folk tails and

myths are transforming as the people evolve. The environment transforms the culture and we

respond to it while the stories shape. Transforming to the situation of the people. A

phenomenon that echoes throughout all Native culture and arts.

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