Ben Wright “Standing-Deer-Man” Serigraph





“Standing-Deer-Man” is the keeper of the Sacred Cedar Bow.

The story tells of Grandfather Elk, who gives his life, so a lost mother and child may live. The Elk instructs the warrior, “Standing-Deer-Man”, to make a Bow from a branch of the Sacred Cedar Tree and with this Bow take the life of Grandfather Elk. Through his death, the Elk provides for not only the survival of the woman, child and man, but also the tribe and the Red Nations. With the Lakota, “Elk Dreamers” are seen as match-makers, directing courtships as well as understanding the many aspects of love. Along with the medicine of the Elk, the Cedar is seen as a symbolic manifestation of the unconditional love shown by Great Spirit in his gifts to the People. And in this way the hoop of the People lives on. The original serigraph, “Standing-Deer-Man” (Keeper of the Sacred Bow) represents artist Ben Wright’s vision of this mythological Lakota warrior.

Dimensions: Unframed 27″ X 40″

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