Charles Greeley Mixed Media Painting

Charles Greeley (b. 1941) Husband to Bunny Tobias, Charles Greeley has also put out prolific work. His focus is primarily on utilizing interesting textures and patterns of papers to create surreal collages with Japanese washi paper. To the uninitiated, Japanese washi papers can be highly patterned, ornamentally designed, and often printed with metallic inks. The paper, for which Greeley has an affinity, can be used for many artistic applications, but they are most well known in the western world as the type of paper used for origami. Some of his pieces evoke a feeling of nostalgia, as the combination of patterns being intermixed vaguely emulates American quilting sensibilities. Other figures, such as his portraits, have surreal figures that are recognizable, but fragmented and surreal. Recent work has been more reflective of the #MeToo movement and women’s issues, for which he’s believed in and backed for many years. The best example of his support is shown through the championing of his wife, and her continued success. Perhaps part of Greeley’s Surrealistic style is aided by the fact that he has a more open and compassionate mindset? His work is successful because he can see the possibilities in working with such patterns; ones that suggest a kind of otherworldly experience on their own, but they then shine in the hands of an expert collage artist. His pieces also hold notes of the Fauves and the expressionists within his color usage and ability to create a new small world of freshly blended motifs. Many small elements must tie together to bring the viewer into these truly make a mystical composition. relatively small curios, however, the detail is what truly makes a mystical composition.