Don Supplee Hopi Kachina Figure Bracelet


Hopi Culture like many American Indian Cultures has a unique way to express their spiritual beliefs. There are three main Villigaes on the Hopi Reservation, First Mesa, Second Mesa, and Third Mesa. Each of these villages has Spiritual deities in the form of Kachina’s which come down to the villages to sing and dance from San Fransico Peaks. Kachinas serve a vital purpose for the people of Hopi. These Kachina Dances are done to bring rain and healthy crops and they teach cultural Hopi values.

This 18k gold bracelet by Hopi artist and jeweler, Don Supplee is hand made with intricate details featuring a Kachina Figure. The three-dimensional design brings this figure to life an achievement that has taken decades for Don to master. Look at the carving of the stones which consists of turquoise, coral, sugilite, lapis, spiny oyster shell, and fossilized ivory.  In the traditional artform of inlay like jewelry from Cartier, this bracelet is a Masterwork of the jewelry Arts.

Bracelet Size: 5″ Opening: 1″ | 1″ 5/8th with a 3/4th taper

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