Fritz Scholder Print Portrait of an American #2


Fritz Scholder (1937- 2005)

World-renowned for his bold colorful expressions of Native life in a contemporary context, he changed how the Western World looked upon Indian art. Through his utilization of strong color theory and abstract thought, Scholder expanded beyond the pervasive stereotypical tropes held by the white man, putting a new perspective on Indian culture. By showing how he saw the world through those rich and evocative colors, he helped solidify a color palette and became a defining characteristic of Southwest Pop, Elaine Horwitch is credited for making him a world-recognized name in art in general but specifically, launching Indian made art up to an echelon that it was having a tough time reaching on its own. Scholder also earned some more art word credit by having his portrait taken by Andy Warhol, thus becoming somewhat of an Indian celebrity. He fit right into the role as he was always flamboyant and eccentric. His work has been popularized and even featured in contemporary Hollywood film sets. His work is highly coveted, prized and by looking at his rich applications of desert colors and strong contrast, including his contemporary plight of the Indian America.

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