Gary Slater Bronze Small Sculptures


Gary Slater (b. 1947) Working in metal is important to Gary Slater. He loves it, he breathes it, and cannot get enough of experimenting with it. After completing his MFA at Arizona State University, he intended to move back to his home state of Minnesota, but he realized he could live out his childhood dream of being a cowboy by staying in the Southwest. Slater is now known for his large-scale sculptural works, many of which necessitate specialized equipment (including cranes), but it all started with some small simple stainless steel sculptures. In 1974, Elaine Horwitch was the recipient of these four sculptures, two of which she sold immediately. Without her support and patronage, he may have never made his first public commission, which occurred later that same year at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts. The commission accelerated his career, and Horwitch was instrumental in commanding higher prices for his work. Slater’s fascination with metal drives him to continue to include copper, which is a vital element in the Southwest landscape: it determines the color of the turquoise and variscite that are synonymous with the region while also blending into the landscape while in its purest form. It is also one of the most important minerals that symbolize the Southwest.

Dimensions: 6 1/2 T X 7 1/2 W X 4 1/2 D

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