Guilloume Bronze Sculpture Title: “Becoming One”


One of my favorite aspects of my marriage is the time my wife and I get to spend together just the two of us. It’s a safe place we have created that is just for us and it is here that she and I find solace in one another. Beyond the shared intimacy, we use these moments to create and nurture our dreams and to support each other. It is during these times that we arrive at some of our most profound self-realization. Together we have been able to identify the fact that the greatest satisfaction in our lives has come out of our self-discipline and dedication toward our personal, professional, and spiritual growth. I am so grateful for her love and companionship and for her capacity to openly communicate and grow together in harmony. It is as if when we are alone together we create a blanket that envelops us and holds our love and trust in a sacred space. In those moments, we become a singular entity and provide mutual strength to one another enabling us to face life’s obstacles. Together we learned that our mastery of self, work and spirit depends on our inner happiness. After all, when we “signed on” to this union, it was with the intention of “becoming one.”

Bronze Sculpture Title: “Becoming One”

Year Created: 2016

Dimensions: 22″

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