Guilloume Bronze Sculpture Title: “Dialogue”


Recently my youngest son wrote a short story for one of his classes. He read it to me and I couldn’t help but be fascinated. It was a story about a couple together walking down a street conversing. The woman expressed a growing concern of hers; her retired father was becoming more distant and isolated. Her husband listened intently and didn’t at any point try to solve her problems for her. As the dialogue progressed it was apparent that the wife and her father were communicating on different levels. The father seldom c o m m u n i c a t e d h i s f e e l i n g h e communicated worlds to her in single glances but his daughter wanted to have long-winded conversations. The husband recognized that what mattered was that the communication was effective. That is what matters. Often time’s people communicate and open on very different levels but it’s hard to sometimes listen because we don’t ascribe to the level of communication of another.

Bronze Sculpture Title: “Dialogue”

Year Created: 1998

Dimensions: 16″

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