Guilloume Bronze Sculpture Title: “Easy Does It”


When I travel to various art exhibits and festivals around the country and abroad, I feel at times overwhelmed by the related stress and problems that arise. During a recent out-of-town trip I was en route to the exhibition site when I found myself stuck in traffic due to road construction. As anxiety and tension began to percolate through my being, I looked out the window of my van and observed two men laboring to break up slabs of concrete. The level of their drudgery was apparent by the sweat on their brows and the expressions on their faces. At that moment, I had an epiphany. How blessed am I to be able to do what I love, travel to beautiful destinations and make a living while doing so. Even more significant is the fact that I wake up nearly every morning in good health in my warm bed with a lovely caring wife at my side. This moment of awakening underscored the importance of appreciating my blessings and taking time to achieve and maintain balance in my life. It’s as simple as taking a few minutes or even an hour now and then to relax and focus on our personal needs. Whenever I feel the crushing “weight of life,” I stop for a moment and utter three little words: “Easy does it.” This bronze sculpture is topped by a sphere on the figure’s shoulder, which is intended to represent the balance between work, relaxation and play that we should try to maintain in order to ensure our happiness and well-being.

Bronze Sculpture Title: “Easy Does It”

Year Created: 2018

Dimensions: 8.5″

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