Guilloume Bronze Sculpture Title: “Ecstasy”


I find the emotional expressions of women to be a veritable fountain of inspiration from which many of the giants in the history of art and music have drunk. The Italian sculptor, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, was inspired by a woman when he created Ecstasy of Saint Teresa. One day while pondering this famous piece, I was moved to consider the human state of being that we refer to as ecstasy. Many people perceive the word to be purely sex-related by definition. I find that to be a limited viewpoint as there are many other ways to achieve this state of mind. In fact, most dictionaries do not mention sex at all in their definition. Ecstasy is typically defined as “an emotional or religious frenzy or trancelike state, originally one involving an experience of mystic self-transcendence.” Personally, I perceive it to be the ultimate state of bliss that one can attain­even through prayer as was the case for Saint Teresa. This sculpture is an homage to discovering the beauty in a woman’s highest state of transcendence-Ecstasy.

Bronze Sculpture Title: “Ecstasy”

Year Created: 2015

Dimensions: 20″

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