Guilloume Bronze Sculpture Title: “Limitless”


Living and growing together with my wife Gladys over the past 35 years has been both an education and a challenge. Despite the hard work, combining two worlds and uniting each other’s dreams, ambitions, customs, and daily habits while learning how to support one another along the way has been most rewarding for us. I created this piece to honor, celebrate, and give thanks for the fruits of our journey together. The two figures depicted are standing together; almost-but not quite­melding into one. This is intended to illustrate that two people can join their lives while maintaining their individual personalities, perspectives, and dreams. The overarching hat signifies that “the sky’s the limit” when there is communication, commitment, and respect. Said another way, “Together our dreams are limitless.”

Bronze Sculpture Title: “Limitless”

Year Created: 2020

Dimensions: 17″

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