Guilloume Bronze Sculpture Title: “Mi Viejo”


Inspired by my memories of my father, this piece personifies the under-spoken, cigar-smoking Colombian farmer that I have always referred to as, “mi viejo” (my old man).

The youngest of 20 children, mi Viejo left our family to live out his life in solitude when I was just a boy of nine years. He rarely left his small casita located at the edge of his little patch of farmland, save to venture into town for supplies or a haircut. As depicted in my sculpture, mi viejo routinely wore his traditional Colombian sombrero complemented by the multipurpose poncho draped over his shoulder. His standard- equipment carriel (purse) was used to carry money, extra cigars, a pair of dice, and his dog-eared playing cards.

When I stopped by to visit him on my way home from school, as I often did, he always seemed half-focused in another world; deeply immersed in thoughts—thoughts he shared with no one. I have symbolized his penchant for keeping to himself by creating the figure with one hand concealed in its pocket. Mi viejo never remarried, and almost as a testament to his chosen life as a loner, he could often be found on his front portal (porch) playing solitaire while puffing on his fat stogie and intermittently staring off contemplatively at the horizon—lost in a million thoughts.

Bronze Sculpture Title: “Mi Viejo”

Year Created: 1996

Dimensions: 4″

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