Guilloume Bronze Sculpture Title: “Shelter”


When I was a lad in Colombia, my mother often quoted a “dicho” (proverb) that rings in my ears to this day: “As you think, so shall you be.” Even as a youngster, I was aware that maintaining a good, positive mental outlook was more than half the battle in one’s quest to achieve a fruitful and successful life. My mother sometimes took note of how much attention I devoted toward making sure things were done correctly, no matter what the task at hand. She used to assure me that I would make a great husband and father someday. I learned at an early age that I would have to work hard in order to build a solid shelter so that I might properly provide for and protect my wife and family. In this sculpture, the brim of the man’s hat extends outward to serve as a protective cover for his wife­somewhat like an umbrella. Additionally, the couple is enveloped in the man’s poncho. This symbolizes the shelter and security I have always envisioned I would provide for my life partner and loved ones.

Bronze Sculpture Title: “Shelter”

Year Created: 2006

Dimension s: 13″

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