Guilloume Bronze Sculpture Title: “Tres” Oil Painted Bronze


I’ve never cared much for watching reruns or rereading a book I’ve read before. And I have no interest in seeing my children follow in my footsteps. My desire is for them to make their own footprints—deeper and more distinct than my own. I want them to scale higher mountains than I could have ever even imagined climbing.

I tend to think of a person’s legacy as being like the ripples that are created when you throw a stone into a lake. Long after the stone has disappeared, the ripples continue to be seen, heard, and felt on distant shores. As a father, I want my children to lead lives that leave a positive impression on our world. When they die, I would like to know that their song rang louder than any orchestra I could have assembled. My greatest wish for is that the ripples from their individual songs might touch others deeply and bring joy to their lives or even move sensitive people to tears. In other words, I want their gifts to the world to be given fully and to be felt long after they have breathed their last breath.

Bronze Sculpture Title: “Tres” Oil Painted Bronze

Year Created: 2010

Dimensions: 60″

Bronze Oil Painted

Edition of 1

60”H x 24”W x 17”D

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