Guilloume Bronze Sculpture Titled: “Family Gathering”


I firmly believe that the family unit (and this very much includes extended families) is the basic building block of humankind. Having said this, I would add that the family gathering, is the “glue,” if you will, that unifies, or holds the family together. As such, group interaction among family members is one of the most important aspects of our existence. It is my belief that we are spiritual beings focused in a physical experience. On some level, we have chosen our own family members in order to provide the most fertile possible medium for spiritual and emotional growth. This sculpture stands as a symbol of the critical importance of the family unit. When viewed from the posterior side, the onlooker will notice that the figures are connected from the waist down. This aspect of the piece is intended to demonstrate the spiritual connection among family members,

Title: Family Gathering”

Year Created: 2014

Dimensions: 36″

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