Guilloume Bronze Sculpture Titled: “In Front of Me II”

Reflective thoughts fill my head as I sit at a table amidst sounds of life and laughter. My three sons are joking and jiving with a few of their buddies. I am transported back in time and I think about the similarities between my boys’ interactions and the relationships I had with my own friends at that age. As I recall friendships that have dipped below the horizon, a tinge of sadness attempts to creep in. In an instant, I turn it away. I’ve learned to quickly let go of sad and negative thoughts and to focus on enjoying life’s moments of beauty and joy. Some of my old friends have passed on, while others have simply disappeared from my “radar screen.” Nevertheless, those boyhood bonds remain strong in my memories. I feel the connections everywhere I go. There is no time to wallow in sentimentality, however, for I can see new bonds forming in front of me.

Title: “In Front of Me”