Guilloume Bronze Title: “Balancing Act”


The subject of balance is something I am often forced to consider in my sculptures and paintings. As I continue to grow and evolve as an artist, I realize how art is largely a reflection of life. And in the same way that we must find a balance between life’s day-to-day responsibilities and the dreams and goals we strive to achieve, so it is in art. We must constantly consider the balance of subject matter components, colors and light when undertaking any artistic endeavor. When I created, Balancing Act, I tasked myself with creating a piece that illustrates the importance of attaining and maintaining balance in one’s life. In this sculpture, the red sphere serves to symbolize our dreams and aspirations while the action of holding up that sphere is meant to show the balance between what we must do, and what we love to do. Life presents us with many hardships and obstacles that we must face and overcome so that we can eventually do the things that bring us joy.

Title: “Balancing Act”

Year Created: 2019

Dimensions: Edition of 50  h17x12xd8in.

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