Guilloume Oil Painting Titled: “Ancestors”


Toward the end of 2012, I enjoyed a long overdue visit with my oldest brother, Hernan. We talked about his forthcoming new book entitled, 350 Years Book of the Perez, which chronicles the lives of our ancestors dating back to 1656. The oldest ancestor of whom we have knowledge came from the province of Asturias in the northwest corner of Spain. He emigrated to the New World in search of gold and settled in Antioquia, in the central northwestern part of Colombia. Although the gold was not to be found, the Perez family found success in mining, agriculture, and more recently in business. I created Ancestors as a way of recognizing and honoring 15 generations of the Perez family. Over the past three and one-half centuries, m y a s c e n d a n t s h a v e m a d e achievements in many fields and on many levels. That is why the figures in this sculpture are represented at different levels and sizes.

Year Created: 2014

Dimentions: h84x w128x d1 in.

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