Guilloume Painting Titled “Red Dawn-diptych”


Title: “Red Dawn”

h30 x w80 in. Original

As a painter, I know how important color selection is. Each color infuses a particular vibration and energy into its subject matter. This piece celebrates my parents, especially my mother, Aurora, whose name translates to “the dawn” in English. My father standing to the right was known to be a night owl. He is portrayed in a dark blue­nearly black-pigment intended to represent the night sky. My mother, the figure on the left, is painted in yellow to reflect the bright light she was to all the hearts she touched with her generosity and kindness. I am in the center serving as a symbol of light as it is reflected by the earth to engender a warm and soothing ochre. Aurora enfolds me in her yellow to symbolize how her spirit endures, shielding, and inspiring me to this day. I chose to surround the figures with the rose-pink hues commonly associated with a red sunrise … hence, Red Dawn.

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