Guilloume Relief Titled: “Family warmth”


Family Warmth In Spanish, we have an expression, “el calor familiar,” which loosely translates as, “family warmth.” It is best interpreted as the special feeling of familiarity, affection and unity that is shared in “close-knit” families. This sculpture is my three-dimensional attempt to express the “calor familiar” that is so prevalent in my own family. Over the years, we have developed a spirit of open communication that is most frequently evidenced around the dinner table. While breaking bread together, we share our happiness and our dreams, as well as our worries and disappointments, so that we are always very much aware of what is going on in each other’s lives. I have depicted myself, “the family protector,” in a hat, standing with hand in pocket on the left. Adjacent to my figure, my wife stands with head resting on the shoulder of our oldest son. Our only daughter, is posed in the foreground and my two younger boys are situated to the right. As a family, we are perhaps somewhat unusual by today’s norm. That is, we are a family that truly loves spending time together, and in “Family Warmth,” I have endeavored to show this.

Year Created: 1998

Dimensions: 20″ X 16″

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