Guilloume Reliefs Titled: “Best Friends”


Best Friends Bronze Relief
One of my best friends, a fellow artist, was curious and asked me one day, how it was that I got along so well with most people. His question caught me a bit off guard, for my ability to bond with the people I meet has become largely an unconscious thing. Hence, I had to ponder his inquiry for a moment or two.
Finally, I responded, “I suppose it’s because I have a pleasant demeanor and treat them with respect.”
“Really? I think it’s something different,” he countered.
“And what would that be?” I asked.
My friend observed, “You talk to and interact with casual acquaintances in the same way you do with me. So, in essence, you treat everyone like they are your best friend.”
“That’s interesting,” I replied, “I have never given it much thought. But now that you mention it, when I meet someone for the first time, I strangely feel as if part of me already knows them and we’ve been acquainted for a while.”
I smirked and added jokingly, “I hope this isn’t going to diminish our friendship

Reliefs Titled: “Best Friends”

Year Created: 2016

Dimensions: 26” x 12”

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