Guilloume Reliefs Titled: “Common Bond”


I created this piece in celebration of two decades of marriage to my loving wife and partner. “Common Bond” is intended to represent the egalitarian nature of our marriage. Neither of us enjoys a special status or superiority over the other. We listen to each other’s ideas and concerns and place equal weight on addressing them. I have endeavored to artistically express our common bond in two ways. The viewer will note that the two figures share a single poncho which symbolically holds them together providing mutual protection from the elements. Also, as I grew up in my native Colombia, it was typical for the husband to control the family’s financial matters. This is evidenced by the fact that it was the man who usually carried the purse, or carriel, as it called in my homeland. When sculpting “Common Bond,” I elected to portray the female figure as the controller of the purse “strings.” And although I decided not to include apron strings on the male figure, you can be assured that the thought seriously crossed my mind! My wife and I are quite certain that our twenty years of mutual happiness is due in large part to our common bond which is defined by equality in our day-to-day life together.

Reliefs Titled: “Common Bond”

Year Created: 1998

Dimensions: 36″ x 18”

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