Guilloume Reliefs Titled: “Disciples”


One of the pieces of Art I have most wanted to see is the Last Supper. I have hope to one day see it. Unfortunately my first visit to Milan I couldn’t see it. It was under restoration and closed to the public. I really love the idea of that Fresco. Even though I am devout catholic, I love the idea of being a disciple to something in life. I a definition of disciple as someone who loves and is devoted to a path. For me, I believe I’m a disciple of art. The biggest part about being a disciple is loving the path because I believe that there is a destination, which perfection, I will never reach it. I’m glad I never will because what’s simply left is my love for the path.

Reliefs Titled: “Disciples”

Year Created: 2004

Dimentions: 20” x 36”

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