Guilloume Reliefs Titled: “People of Silence”


“People of Silence” is my artistic interpretation of our personal relationship with the guiding spirit force. There are 25 human figures depicted in the piece. The tallest figure ( center) is intended to represent the individual or physical being that is the flesh and blood manifestation of our true or spiritual self. On both the left and right side of the individual, there are 12 smaller figures which portray the silent guiding force. Each of these characters represents an hour of the day and serves as a reminder that the guiding spirit never rests. It remains on duty 24/7, gently ushering us down those roads-rocky and smooth-that will provide the best possibilities for personal growth.

Reliefs Titled: “People of Silence”

Year Created: 2015

Dimentions: 20″ x 70”

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