Harvey Begay Sliced Kingman Nugget Turquoise Necklace

Harvey Begay learned jewelry making from his father Kenneth Begay. In 1961 Harvey Graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in science. After graduation, he joined the Navy with a passion for flying and became a naval officer flying the F4 Phantom fighter jet. Once he finished years of service in the Navy, he joined McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis, as a test pilot. When he left McDonnell Douglas in 1970, he returned home to re-examine his Navajo heritage. Harvey participated in tribal government and returned to his silversmithing. It was soon after that he discovered the artwork of award-winning French artist, Pierre Touraine who Harvey gained inspiration from his use of diamonds and precious gemstones. This necklace features high-grade turquoises with coral, lapis, opal, and gold accents with 14k gold handmade cones and clasp.

Necklace is 23″ L

*Price On Request*

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