Larry Golsh Sterling Silver Bracelet With Turquoise


Larry Golsh

This is a High-Grade Morenci turquoise stone set in a 14k gold bezel. Larry Golsh made this sterling silver tufa cast bracelet with what Larry calls his Zig-Zag design, which is similar to his hallmark. This design represents mountains or lightning. He became famous for his jewelry’s style of design.


Dimensions: 3/4th W

Opening: 1″ 1/8th

Bracelet Size: 5 1/2

Morenci Stone: 11/16th L X 1/2 W


Larry Golsh The National Geographic article vol. 3 September 1981 features Charles Loloma, Larry Golsh, and Harvey Begay. The article on silver claims that Larry Golsh would be the heir apparent to Charles Loloma. In many respects, this is true. Larry Golsh’s jewelry is a testament to his creativity and unconventional approach. He pioneered a style where he delighted in placing stones in an asymmetrical format, a unique characteristic that sets his work apart from other jewelers. Rarely do you see anything that Larry made as symmetrical. His use of high-quality turquoise and other gemstones, including his use of diamonds, were influenced by Pierre Touraine, which are exceptional. Larry’s work included special orders for making fine jewelry with pave diamonds and onyx that matched anything Tiffany’s or Harry Winston could ever master, and his designs were contemporary and included the works of Munstiener, a famous gemstone cutter. William Faust II

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