Les Lawrence Ceramic Stylized Tea Pot


Les Lawrence (b. 1940) Another artist to come out of Arizona State University MFA who taught at Grossmont College for program was the ceramicist Les Lawrence, teaching for 35 years. After having worked as so many years and building kilns practically across America at various institutions, Lawrence professional commercial artist, also managed to create new ways of creating ceramics too! He is credited with inventing the slab wire pinning technique, which uses stainless would normally not adore on its own. steel wires to help keep clay in place for kiln firings where it After designing art for other people to sell their products, making functional yet still artful ceramics, and creating new methods of firing ceramics altogether, Lawrence moved onto a whole new field of inspiration: tea pots! He uses his silk-screen mono printing technique to literally screen print images onto large labs before he even constructs even constructs the teapots, which is considered to be “backwards from most other ceramic works,” by Lawrence’s own admission.

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