Loloma, Charles – Sterling Silver Inlaid Bracelet

This is a fine example of an early to mid-1970?s ?Height Bracelet? by ?The Father of Contemporary American Indian Jewelry? Hopi artist Charles Loloma. Set in sterling silver are mosaic inlays of fossilized ivory, with accents of ebony, ironwood, turquoise, corals, lapis lazuli, and fine line silver and gold spacers.?? Notice the balance of color and the flowing symmetry which gives the impression of the Hopi Mesa?s. Truly a master piece and undeniably and exceptional piece of ?Wearable Art? this bracelet would be the finest piece to add to one?s jewelry collection and considered by many as a rare example of ?Loloma?s Style.?Having the privilege to work with Charles Loloma and his niece Verma Nequatewa (Sonwai) for thirty-six years it is an honor to show one of his ?Master Works of Wearable

*Price on request