Large red jar with bird designs by Russell Sanchez


Russell Sanchez is a potter from San Ildefonso and is still active today. He was born in 1966 and at the age of 12 learned to pot from his Aunt Rose Gonzales. Russell was also very influenced by Tony and Popovi Da and Dora Tse-Pe, who is recognized by collectors worldwide. Russell today is an award-winning artist that continues to innovate in Contemporary American Indian Pottery.

Russell Sanchez won a 1st place division ribbon in 2007 at the Heard Museum for this incredible red water jar. There are three distinct stylized Mimbres birds around the center of the jar, each housing a single turquoise stone adding their own design effect. Above the Mimbres birds, there are two strands of turquoise beads. These birds are reminiscent of those painted on early San Ildefonso pottery and beautifully incised around the water Jar, Russell used Heishi beads. Heishi is a drilled shell that is then ground into beads which are often used in jewelry making.

13″ X 12″

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