Nathan Youngblood meticulously hand carved this three-piece pot into an egg shape. All the carvings have a meaning. The egg portion is two pieces that fit seamlessly together which sit on top of the third piece base. The upper designs represent the clouds and birds which are sacred. The birds are carrying prayers which come from the bear clans. the bear clans are throughout Mother Earth. The lower portion of the egg features the path of the first people who emerged from under the surface of the earth. On the reverse side of the egg, shows clouds, rain, and wind. The three brigs the moisture and clean air. The lower and underside of the egg represent underground rivers and all the water under and inside the earth. The water serpent binds the people of the earth. The last section of the egg, the pedestal, is the hands of God which shows a whole representation of the “Gifts of Life”.

8″ X 7″ 5″ 1/2

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