All About Navajo Sandpainting

Oil on Canvas Painting by Amery BohlingThe Navajo practice of sandpainting is one of the most symbolic, intricate, and beautiful visual art forms to evolve out of Native American culture. Like most objects in American Indian society, these paintings are considered alive and spiritual in nature, rather than static representations of their beliefs.

So, how exactly does Navajo sandpainting work, and what is the history behind it?

Ceremony in Art


Members of the Navajo tribe use sandpainting as an integral element of healing ceremonies. The Medicine Man produces sandpaintings to call on the gods for help and serve as a portal for the spirits to deliver guidance and aid. These creations depict different elements of Navajo mythology, such as sacred objects, places, stories, dances, and ritual chants.

Art as a Spiritual Entity


As we mentioned before, Native Americans view sandpaintings not necessarily as works of art but as mediums through which the gods can transmit their healing powers. As a Navajo Medicine Man, it is your responsibility to memorize sets of distinctive, detailed scenes—with exact holy images, colors, placements, etc.—to correspond with specific ceremonies and rituals.

The sandpainting chosen by the medicine man is specifically selected as the best and most suitable one to heal the patient. Once created, the patient then sits on the painting as the medicine man performs the correct healing chant, to enlist the gods to return the patient to the source of tribal power and energy.

Celebrating Tradition Through Permanent Art


The first permanent Navajo sandpainting is generally credited to a medicine man in the 1950s, Fred Stevens. In collaboration with other artists, he developed a method to adhere sand to board, allowing sandpaintings to be made for sale. The dry sand the artists use is colored with ground natural pigments from crushed rocks, pollen, plants, flowers, and other elements of nature.

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