Randy Barton

(b. 1979, Tuba City, Az)
Currently creating in Phoenix, Arizona

Ya’at’eeh shi dine’e , shi ei’ Randy Barton yinishye’.
To’ahani dine’e ei nishli.
Ashiihi dine’e ei bashishchiin.
Kinyaa’aanii dine’e ei dashicheii.
Tlisilani dine’e ei dashinali
Akoteego ei hastiin nishli.

Hello my people, my name is Randy Barton.
I am from the Near The Water clan.
I am born for the Salt clan.
My maternal Grandpa is from the Towering House clan.
My paternal Grandpa is from the Many Goats clan.
That’s how I am a Man.

Randy L Barton carries on tradition with his visionary live painting performances fused with his turntable poetry & experimental earth dancing.

A multi-disciplined artist, designer, dancer, DJ, live performance painter & music producer who utilizes 15 years of experience as a DJ to entertain crowds of all genres.

Since 2004, Randy B has captured the attention of legends such as Phase 2, B-Boy Remind, DJ Q-bert, pop-master Fabel & many more hip-hop legends with his native american style of hip-hop roots & future music culture.

In 2011, Randy B found himself at NIKE headquarters DJing & doing live art for corporate establishments which sparked nationwide campaigns of urban fashion, contemporary street art & future music collaborations.

The Birth of “The Sacred Cypher” event/performance in 2012 is the begining of his lifelong project which encompasses the deep soulful sounds of his epic & eclectic dj sets often performed with indigenous instruments & samples.

In 2014 you can expect Randy L Barton, aka Randy Boogie the Future Primitive Dream Warrior raising the vibraton by uplifting your spirits to new dimensions of spirituality utilizing Neo Contemporary Native Arts as a vehicle to promote healing & consciousness.

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