Charles Supplee

Hopi jewelry from Charles Supplee

Charles Supplee was born in Flagstaff, Arizona in 1959. His mother is Hopi and his Father is French. Charles grew up on the Navajo reservation where his father was a schoolteacher. He learns jewelry making from his father who did it as a hobby. As Charles learn and gain more recognition he met Pierre Touraine an award-wining French jewelry designer. In the 1980’s Pierre took Charles on for two years as an apprentice and this is where he learned the variety of techniques he still utilizes today. Charles Supplee is well known for a more contemporary style of jewelry or wearable art for the wearer to enjoy. His younger brother Don Supplee noticed Charles and his talent for creating beautiful jewelry which was a major influence in his jewelry design. Charles Supplee has endless talent which includes his love for Photography, Painting, and Sculpting. He has been published in many books one being “Beyond Traditions” By Jerry Jacka.

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