Diego Lasansky

“Diego Lasansky, the grandson of famed printmaker Mauricio Lasansky, is a painter and printmaker in his own right. While still a student at the University of Iowa (BFA 2016), his work has already garnered local, national, and international attention. Prior to his formal college education, Diego Lasansky learned about artistic processes not only from his grandfather but also from his uncles, three of whom are professional artists. Growing up within this exceptional artistic milieu allowed the young Diego to learn the masterful techniques he employs. Lasansky’s work is figurative, and, like his grandfather, tends to focus on subjects readily available to him—such as family members—and those of historical and personal significance, such as Goya, Rembrandt, and Martin Luther. Early success came to Diego Lasansky in his series Portrait at Eighteen, a set of 50 intaglio self-portraits, each with distinct differences from the rest in the series.”

~ Sean M. Ulmer, Executive Director of Cedar Rapids Museum of Art (2015).