Trevor Goring

After moving to Santa Fe in August of 2022 I took the time to review my sketches and photos

resulting from trips through the West over several years. Experiencing Montana, Yellowstone,

Monument Valley, Canyon De Chelly, the Grand Canyon, was a revelation for someone who

grew up in Birmingham, England. As a child I loved American Comic Books and Western films.

As an adult I was lucky enough to move to Los Angeles and work in the film industry as a

storyboard and concept artist.

My sketchbook is filled with images of the West which I’ve used as reference for this series of

drawings. My career telling stories by illustrating Comic Books and over 80 feature film

storyboards is reflected in my recent art.

The Four Seasons series is influenced by my designs for the story Sundown featured in Outlaw

Territory, a Graphic Novel anthology. Each framed piece of four drawings tells a seasonal story

using bold imagery of landscapes, wildlife, and the human drama of love, loss, and conflict.

-Trevor Goring