How to Hang Fine Art

American Indian Artwork for Sale in Scottsdale, AZIf you’re an art collector, you know the most satisfying moment after acquiring the perfect piece is seeing it hanging on your wall or displayed with the rest of your collection. Even if you’re not a collector, you might decide to invest in a work of fine art to enhance your home or business space.

Hanging fine artwork requires a little more thought and preparation than a simple piece of everyday wall décor. Keep these important guidelines in mind to assure your presentation captures the full beauty and refined detail of your new fine art piece!

Use the right hardware to hang your art securely.


The tools you’ll need to hang your piece will depend largely on its size, weight, and frame. Once you’ve used this information to determine which type of anchors to use, you’ll also need a level, tape measure, and hammer to properly measure and secure it in place. To prevent the art from moving when brushed against or hanging forward, affix an anchor to each side, instead of one in the middle.

Place the center of the piece at eye level.


Artwork that has been hanged properly requires no strain on the part of the viewer in order to fully see and appreciate it. In other words, you should be able to step in front of the piece and view it in its entirety—comfortably—without moving.

Average eye level rests at a height of 57 inches from the ground, so this is where the center of your fine artwork should be. If you’re hanging your art over furniture or standing décor, the bottom should rest approximately 6 inches above the feature below it, so you may have to forgo the eye level rule.

If you’re displaying a collection, consider how the pieces work together.


When working with multiple pieces of fine art, you want to arrange them in a way that follows some sort of logic or flow. You might group pieces with conceptual and visual similarities to play off one another, or pair contrasting pieces to create a stark dramatic effect. Whichever way you choose to arrange your pieces, remember that the most striking work should be placed in the middle, to anchor the display and create a focal point.

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