Al Nez 14K Gold Coral Ring


Al Nez is an award-winning Navajo jeweler who today creates one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Al made this ring in 14k gold tufa cast with a single red Mediterranean coral stone. His grandfather was a jeweler, and while Al Nez was self-taught in metalsmithing, he learned specific metal techniques in school.



Gold Ring: 7/8th L

Ring Size: 7

Coral Stone: 13/16th L X 5/16th W

AL Nez Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of Al Nez here in Santa Fe, but his quality of jewelry fills in just fine. I first met Al in 1981 in Lovenas’ Gallery. Al Nez is the most overlooked jeweler in 2024 out of the five we discussed this past week. His designs combine traditional techniques with a contemporary flare, using exceptional turquoise and other stones, such as Lapis or Coral. He could fit them together seamlessly like no other jeweler. Al Nez’s talent and dedication were not in vain. They were finally acknowledged when he was awarded the prestigious Annual Intertribal Ceremonial in Gallup, New Mexico, for his exceptional tufa casting. His designs caught the eye of Jerry and Louis Jacka, who included him in their famous books Beyond Traditions, Enduring Traditions, and Navajo Tradition Of Southwest Art. Al’s jewelry is exceptionally made with the highest-quality materials. He deserves a serious look as someone to collect, and he belongs in everyone’s collection!William Faust II

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